Larissa Hjorth – Careful surveillance at play

Published on Dec 14, 2016

Careful surveillance at play: human-animal relations and mobile media in the home
Ingrid Richardson, Larissa Hjorth and William Balmford

When we first entered homes to study mobile games in the domestic context, we envisaged our project would focus on humans and various modes of interaction and co-presence. Yet as our research progressed, it became clear that in many homes, humans and their pets are intimately entangled in various forms of digitally mediated kinship. In this talk we consider how this entanglement takes place within the dynamic space of the household, affecting the agencies and spatial organization of the home. First, we review some of the debates surrounding human-animal relations, and look at how the human use of pet wearables can generate non-Anthropocentric understandings of care and intimacy. Secondly, we explore some of the ways that pets become co-involved with humans in touchscreen games, highlighting the cross-species nature of play.

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