Paolo Favero – Thinking, Researching and Understanding the World

Published on Dec 14, 2016

Thinking, Researching and Understanding the World: reflections on the use of i-docs as a tool for (ethnographic) scientific research.

Paolo Favero

Based on my own experience in teaching i-docs within a variety of different academic setting the present papers sets off with the idea of exploring the potentiality of this audio-visual form as a tool for thinking about, exploring and understanding the world that surrounds us. It proposes therefore a shift away from conventional reflections on the potentiality of i-docs as communication tools exploring instead the extent to which i-docs can be considered as proper tools for conducting qualitative scientific research. In my presentation I will pursue a set of different interrelated questions: To what extent can i-docs be used to instigate the production of original research data?; What sort of data can they actually generate?; To what extent can we look at i-docs as an avant-garde form of participatory research?; How do i-docs dialogue with other forms of visual and non-visual empirical research? Can i-docs constitute an opening to the senses, and hence a phenomenological research technique? I will offer concrete examples on how to engage with i-docs based on three main teaching experiences in Portugal, Belgium and India (he diversity of examples will help me also to critically assess the transcultural potential of i-docs). I will also address the integration of other emerging technologies (wearables, etc.) in such practices.

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