Wendy GunnAdjunct Professor

Wendy Gunn is Associate Professor at SDU Design, University of Southern Denmark (2005-ongoing). As a researcher, she has extensive experience of conducting collaborative research as part of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary design teams involving both the private and public sectors. Central to her research is a close connection between theory and practice, research and teaching.

Recent publications include: Gunn, W. (in press). Collaborative Forms. In Bunn, S (ed), Anthropology and Beauty: From Aesthetics to Creativity. London: Routledge. Gunn, W and Donovan, J. Eds. 2016 (2012). Design and Anthropology. Anthropological Studies of Creativity and Perception, vol. 5. London: Routledge. Clausen, C. and Gunn, W. 2015. From the social shaping of technology to the staging of temporary spaces of participatory innovation- A case of participatory innovation. In Williams, R, Liff, S. and Winskel, M (eds), The Politics of Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: Celebrating the Contribution of Stewart Russell (1955–2011): Second Part, Science & Technology Studies, Vol. 28 (1), pp.73-94. Gunn, W and Løgstrup, L. B. 2014. Participatory observation, anthropology methodology and design anthropology research inquiry. In Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 13 (4) pp. 428-442. Gunn, W and Clausen, C. 2013.  Conceptions of innovation and practice: designing indoor climate. In Gunn, W. Otto, T and Smith, R.C (eds), Design Anthropology: Theory and Practice. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 159-179.

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