What’s social

about technology?


Where is the human

in tech design?

The Centre.

DERC conducts human-centred research of data and digital transformations

We work with students, communities, governmental, nonprofit and corporate partners.

Our researchers explore how humans feel, create, respond, and engage with digital technologies.

We study everyday lived experience, the future of work, creative youth practices, tech policies, tech design, digital literacy and a range of other human-centred design propositions.

Hosted by RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, DERC offers world class training ground and expertise for both small and largescale research initiatives. We are ranked as one of the top two research Centres in Australia focused on the social impact of digital media.



Are you interested? Please let us know if you would like to participate in a ‘Mapping Moods for Future Cities’ workshop, an initiative to...

News posted on September 15, 2022

Navigating Competing Logics

What unlearning and relearning is involved in making interdisciplinarity really work, especially in team environments?

Events, News posted on September 6, 2022

CafeLab Funding Success

Tania Lewis, Martyn Hook and the CafeLab team, including chef-activist Helen Addison-Smith, have won nearly 50K from the ECP Strategic Capability Deployment fund. Based...

News posted on August 10, 2022

Diverse Knowledges — Hidden Voices

anything we call "interdisciplinarity" will include diverse ways of knowing, which means bring many voices to projects, from the outset.

Events, News posted on July 5, 2022

The Value of Interdisciplinarity for Responsible Data Science

Interdisciplinarity: it’s a common enough word in academic settings. It’s a goal in many institutions to blend approaches, to utilize different worldviews effectively in...

News posted on April 22, 2022

DERC 2022 seminar series on responsible data science

DERC 2022 co-sponsors a series on "Responsible Data Science" with University of Cambridge's Minderoo Centre on Technology and Democracy

Events, News posted on March 25, 2022


In a new article for Convergence, @robcover unpacks some of the impact of Online Hostility and toxic Cancel Culture on user identity and belonging. http://ow.ly/AEvf50KJTrh #DERCresearchers #DigitalMethods @ResearchRMIT @RMIT

Tania Lewis, Julian Waters-Lynch & Andrew Glover's article on Australian e-changers has struck a media chord with RMIT stats showing the research has reached over 8 million people, with an advertising value equivalent of over $315K http://ow.ly/vaRA50KICQt @ResearchRMIT @dcpecp

TUNE IN: Platform Economies: Beyond the North/South Divide, upcoming keynote by @RoitmanJanet for the Finance & Society Network Conference, 15 Sept @ 9:45 GMT 18:45 AEST http://ow.ly/IHCe50KGvBN @perntns @AdmsCentre @RMIT #DERCresearchers #digitalanthropology

The journal Subjectivity has published an article titled "Faith communities: immanence, aesthetics and thinking through figures" arising from @annahm's future fellowship research. http://ow.ly/6O9650KF1Er @ResearchRMIT @dcpecp @RMIT @medianthro


Check out Tania Lewis, Andrew Glover and Julian Waters-Lynch's latest article in the Conversation: ‘Let’s just do it’: how do e-changers feel about having left the city now lockdowns are over? http://ow.ly/8oOp50KBJg6 @RMIT @ResearchRMIT @DigEthnogLSE @oiioxford @datasociety