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Where is the human

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The Centre.

DERC conducts human-centred research of data and digital transformations

We work with students, communities, governmental, nonprofit and corporate partners.

Our researchers explore how humans feel, create, respond, and engage with digital technologies.

We study everyday lived experience, the future of work, creative youth practices, tech policies, tech design, digital literacy and a range of other human-centred design propositions.

Hosted by RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, DERC offers world class training ground and expertise for both small and largescale research initiatives. We are ranked as one of the top two research Centres in Australia focused on the social impact of digital media.


Diverse Knowledges — Hidden Voices

anything we call "interdisciplinarity" will include diverse ways of knowing, which means bring many voices to projects, from the outset.

Events, News posted on July 5, 2022

DERC 2022 seminar series on responsible data science

DERC 2022 co-sponsors a series on "Responsible Data Science" with University of Cambridge's Minderoo Centre on Technology and Democracy

Events, News posted on March 25, 2022

Digital CBD Project – Report #2 Release Event

Come along to the release of the Digital CBD Project's second report on: Thursday 7 April 2022 at 1.00 pm Register here The second report...

Events, News posted on March 24, 2022

Digital CBD Survey 2022

RMIT researchers launched a city-wide survey to assess the attitudes and perceptions of residents.

News posted on March 22, 2022

“Shadowless Being” Keynote by Professor Michael Taussig

Professor Michael Taussig to deliver keynote address on 'Shadowless Being' on 30 March at Kaleide Theatre RMIT. Book your free ticket here. About this...

Events, News posted on March 15, 2022

Congratulations Dr Yee Man Louie

Yee Man Louie has achieved her PhD with outstanding examiner reports. Her thesis titled ‘For better or worse: when technology intersects with domestic violence...

News posted on February 21, 2022


In a new article in Media, Culture & Society, @robcover explores how Australian screen producers, directors writers and actors view the vexed issues around casting straight and cisgender actors in LGBTQ and trans roles. http://ow.ly/ebpk50JxT8H
@ResearchRMIT @RMIT

On June 23, join Jack Qiu (NUS), Yu Hong (Zhejiang), and Graham Webster (Stanford) to discuss “digital China: current issues and future topics”. This free Platforming China webinar examines China Studies in a time of crisis, uncertainty, and complexity. https://bit.ly/3aViCzf

Less than 24 hours and #RMITplacelab, @RMITEurope and @DigitalEthno explore the contradictions between rich, sensory human impressions of a city’s “mood” and the metrics of mood generated by automated data systems. Putting #HumanInTheLoop for improving #smartcity futures 🙂 https://twitter.com/dissenyhub/status/1534589825117917186


En vols saber més sobre com podem representar els estats d'ànim d'una ciutat❓

Vine al taller 'What's the mood of the city?', que impartirà @annettemarkham demà al #DissenyHub en el marc de la #BDW2022.

🕙 15:00 h
📎 https://cutt.ly/7JA5VjM

@RMITEurope @DigitalEthno

New research from @robcover unpacking the creative and disinformation uses of Deepfake videos, and the social and regulatory responses. http://ow.ly/l5n750JmG5h
@ResearchRMIT @RMIT

Integrating digitalisation is key to resolving disruptions to #supplychains now and in the future - find out more in the #digitalcbd's latest report launched today 👉https://bit.ly/3L8B3Ng @Rmitccsri @BlockchainRMIT @RMITBusRes