We investigate how people experience the digital in everyday life
By researching from the ground up we bring fresh insight to a constantly changing world
DERC's Anne Harris and team awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project, led by Monash University!
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  • Have a read of this timely new article by DERC's  @catgomes10  and Shanton Chang (University of Melbourne) in The Con… https://t.co/p9mGq7TUV3 6 days ago
  • A reminder to join us tonight for Rosi Braidotti's public lecture exploring how we might take a posthuman approach… https://t.co/udyod5iSit 7 days ago
  • A very warm welcome to our current visiting researchers: Rosi Bradotti and  @klast ! Here are some pics of us celebra… https://t.co/wVZ3jsDT1p 1 week ago
  • Congratulations to DERC's Anne Harris and  @annahm  who have both been awarded fellowships from the College of Design… https://t.co/l2TfGwEkpN 2 weeks ago
  • The EPIC2020 theme is SCALE! How do we critically engage, work across, and reframe SCALE in a world where bigger, f… https://t.co/UTmWvvkPCL 2 weeks ago
  • Check out this wonderful interview in  @QuantaMagazine  with DERC HDR alumna and adjunct fellow, Scarlett Howard… https://t.co/q7jplSPPht 4 weeks ago
  • Fancy a new job? DERC's Jaz Choi and team are looking for a Research Fellow (based at RMIT Europe, Barcelona) and a… https://t.co/a6EMYVUS14 4 weeks ago
  • Congratulations to DERC’s Anne Harris and team – including 11 other researchers and led by RMIT's Renata Kokanovic… https://t.co/xDo5IXQvDK 1 month ago
  • We are delighted to announce that philosopher and Distinguished Professor Rosi Braidotti will be visiting RMIT in F… https://t.co/DO4HiKbbLN 1 month ago
  • A warm welcome to Corliss Chan who joined the DERC team this week! Corliss will provide administrative support to D… https://t.co/QkAdyMBC1h 1 month ago
  • We're delighted to see the research of DERC's  @OzBeeUVBG  and  @JirGarci  together with  @TheBeesearcher  featured among… https://t.co/qiWNw1YSow 1 month ago
  • This weekend we'll be catching up on some reading, including, this article on data and dating apps published in Com… https://t.co/UyBJIPpEPJ 2 months ago

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