We use ethnographic tools to study how digital tech impacts societies

We build models and methods for understanding end users

DERC conducts human-centred research of data and digital transformations.

We work with students, communities, governmental, nonprofit and corporate partners.

Our researchers explore how humans feel, create, respond, and engage with digital technologies.

We study everyday lived experience, the future of work, creative youth practices, tech policies, tech design, digital literacy and a range of other human-centred design propositions.

Hosted by RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, DERC offers world class training ground and expertise for both small and largescale research initiatives. We are the first and largest research centre in Australia focused on digital ethnography.


Digital Ethnography Research Symposium 2023

This invitation only symposium features selected papers by 13 doctoral candidates at various stages of their PhD programmes who will present their research

Events, News posted on February 26, 2023

Setting the Agenda for Interdisciplinarity in Responsible Data Science

How can we create an agenda for value propositions and practical guides for interdisciplinary and responsible data science?

Events, News posted on November 30, 2022

DERC’s February 2023 Summer School

Digital Ethnography: Fieldwork + Analysis Techniques | DERC PhD Summer School | February 20-24, 2023

News posted on October 25, 2022

Large and Small Scales

how do we use interdisciplinary thinking to preserve macro plus micro scales in data science?

Events, News posted on October 25, 2022

Layered Frameworks

What unlearning and relearning is involved in making interdisciplinarity really work, especially in team environments?

Events, News posted on October 3, 2022


Are you interested? Please let us know if you would like to participate in a ‘Mapping Moods for Future Cities’ workshop, an initiative to...

News posted on September 15, 2022