We investigate how people experience the digital in everyday life
By researching from the ground up we bring fresh insight to a constantly changing world
DERC's Anne Harris and team awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project, led by Monash University!
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  • Congratulations to DERC’s Anne Harris, along with Stacy Holman Jones (Monash), Mischa Myers (Deakin), Alyson Campbe… https://t.co/bT9AVLmHI5 3 days ago
  • A warm welcome to  @yearrypanji  who is visiting us from Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University this week! Yearry’s resear… https://t.co/1vdmxZ3vPo 5 days ago
  • DERC RAW is our series of monthly informal research workshops. Join us on Wednesday at 3.30pm for the final RAW for… https://t.co/dPCgvDjGKF 6 days ago
  • DERC member  @annahm  recently returned from Barcelona, where she gave a keynote address for the Affects as Pedagogy… https://t.co/yuwItD9fAW 1 week ago
  • DERC's co-director Ellie Rennie, along with Jason Potts and Ana Pochesneva have co-authored a new report on blockch… https://t.co/U3of4E74GR 1 week ago
  • Congratulations to DERC’s Jaz Hee-jeong Choi on being the RMIT Project Lead for a new 3M€ EU Horizon 2020 Transform… https://t.co/C3vAIRZFC8 1 week ago
  • Next Monday our friends at  @CME_Monash  are running a free all day symposium on automated culture at  @LoopMelbourne .… https://t.co/nzo0huML6U 2 weeks ago
  • Tomorrow DERC's  @OzBeeUVBG  and  @JirGarci  will be at Macquarie University with  @TheBeesearcher  to discuss effective… https://t.co/K3fxXl1RI7 2 weeks ago
  • We're delighted to announce that Annette N. Markham, a world leading digital scholar, has accepted a position at DE… https://t.co/xI87wcsqtq 3 weeks ago
  • Congratulations to DERC's Jenny Kennedy on being awarded an Australian Research Council DECRA fellowship to researc… https://t.co/X4QKe3TedQ 3 weeks ago
  • Check out these wonderful photos by DERC HDR  @MarissaWillcox  from the recent exhibition of artwork from the… https://t.co/1HcA7qJRdp 3 weeks ago
  • DERC's co-director Tania Lewis with Alexandra Zafiroglu  @3AInstitute  at EPIC2019 announcing EPIC2020 in Melbourne n… https://t.co/lhgRGLsDwZ 4 weeks ago

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