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RMIT is part of three newly announced Cooperative Research Centre’s (CRCs) that will invest more than $420 million to tackle the critical challenges of food waste, future fuels and digital health.

The three centres were revealed by the Federal Government last week as successful stage 2 bids in the latest round of the CRC program, which brings together industry, government and researchers to achieve national objectives and solve global problems.

It’s the most successful round for the University since commencing bidding in 2011, with funding awarded for all three of the stage 2 bids involving RMIT.

In the $90 million Future Fuels CRC, a key research program will be led by Associate Professor Jan Hayes from the School of Property, Construction and Project Management, alongside Distinguished Professor Sarah Pink (School of Media and Communication) and Distinguished Professor Helen Lingard (School of Property, Construction and Project Management).

The Future Fuels CRC will provide enabling research and development to transition energy infrastructure to a low-carbon economy using fuels such as hydrogen and biogas. It will develop transition pathways for existing infrastructure and equipment to transport and use these new fuels today and well into the future. Collaborating with over 50 companies, 6 universities, the energy market operator and state regulators, this CRC will realise the potential to store and deliver reliable, clean, and affordable energy through both new and repurposed networks.

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