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Australian Content in SVOD Catalogs: Availability and Discoverability – 2019 edition by Dr Ramon Lobato & Alexa Scarlata is the third in a series of annual studies. This year’s report is notable for the inclusion of Amazon Prime Video, which has a unique catalog structure and a surprisingly high number of Australian titles. We also offer new analysis of the age, genre and format characteristics of Australian content across all three services.

The key findings (page 5) include the following:

  • All services offer some local content, and the number of Australian originals is rising — but the amount and nature of the local content on each service varies significantly.
  • Stan has the highest proportion of local content: 9% of the titles in its catalog are Australian.
  • Netflix has the least local content: 1.7% of titles in its catalog are Australian. However, its local content is more recent than the other services.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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