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Digital Data and Automation in Everyday Life

Exploring responsible technological futures

Wednesday 29th Nov 2017, 2:00 – 5:00pm

Call for papers

In this half-day symposium we invite members of the Digital Data and Society consortium to propose and present papers that connect to the theme of Digital Data and Automated Futures.

Digital data is an increasingly embedded element of everyday life as sensor technologies, self-tracking devices, institutional metrics, and forms of resistance to these become part of the configurations through which we live. Simultaneously automated features of technologies, are creating new possibilities for institutional, regulatory, user and activist engagements with data (eg through smartphone apps, cars with AD features, drones, forms of AI assistants).

This raises a series of questions relating to existing data and automated technologies are being used in everyday life contexts and the implications of this is for our more immediate and imagined futures.

This symposium seeks to scope out some of these issues, specifically from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. It calls for an interrogation of the relationship between digital data and automation, the technological possibilities they create, the contingencies and forms of improvisation through which they are lived out, and a position about how we might intervene towards creating responsible and ethical automated data futures.

The day will finish with an early evening lecture presented by Evelyn Ruppert.

To Submit
Please send an abstract of 200 words, your biography of 100 words to by Friday 29 September 2017.

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