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Sarah Pink, John Postill and Yolande Strengers

Funded by Unilever Research and Development, 2013 – 2015


This digital, visual and sensory ethnography project was developed as part of a research partnership with Unilever (UK). It builds on Sarah Pink’s extensive research into digital media in everyday life, sustainable consumption, and laundry and domestic technologies carried out over a series of research council and industry partner funded projects since 1999. Complex, Clever and Cool focuses on how laundry and digital media technologies are emerging as part of the everyday lives and future imaginaries of the new Indonesian middle class. It has a focus on sustainable consumption. The project has produced new knowledge about the everyday lives of contemporary Indonesians, how they live with domestic and digital technologies and the implications of this for designing for a sustainable future. The outputs of this project include reports, and a series of forthcoming articles. Sarah Pink has teamed up with filmmaker Nadia Astari, who worked on the project with us to produce a documentary film based on this project. The film will be released late in 2015.

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