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Following DERC’s rapid response to study the impact of COVID, DERC core researcher Catherine Gomes, along with colleagues from Monash University, follows up by convening an international conference on the topic of Coronavirus and its Impact on International Students: International Education in the Time of Global Disruptions.

COVID has made an exceptional impact on international education as destination countries and service providers were some of the early casualties of this evolving health crisis. International students have been subject to job losses, been unable to pay their rent or buy food for themselves. Meanwhile international students, especially those from China and of East Asian descent have been reporting heightened racism and xenophobia directed their way.

This conference addresses questions such as: What are the effects of both the pandemic and the decisions made by governments and education stakeholders on international education? How can international education move forward and what can it do to future proof itself in the event of another global disruptor? How have international students been impacted by institutional, government and community responses to the pandemic? How have international students dealt with these responses? What role has social media played in the way international education and international students are viewed in destination and sender countries? What are the directions and measures international education stakeholders have been taking during the pandemic? What are the directions and measures international education stakeholders should take in order to support international students after the pandemic ends? What lessons are to be learned from the disrupting impact of the pandemic? Is there any fallout from directions and decisions made in response to the pandemic?

Conference will feature panels with both researchers and practitioners dealing with issues such as mental health, student support, community responses, mobilities, employability and more from Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. There is also a panel by the Immigration Museum talking about their new installation exhibit on international students.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021. More information on registration, program, keynotes, and the hosting team at: 

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