Congratulations Adrian Dyer, Andrew Greentree and Jair Garcia!

Their article on bee vision was published in The Conversation on 4 July 2017.

When you step outside your house, light from the sun means that the colour of everything changes. You probably haven’t even noticed it, because your brain helps you see colours the same way under most conditions.

But it’s a phenomenon that is incredibly hard to mimic with technology, and so our cameras often struggle to interpret colour with the same accuracy.

Published today, our latest research identifies how the eyes and brains of honeybees work together to process colour information.

For a honeybee, matching colours under all conditions is vital so they can go to the right flower. It’s literally a matter of life or death for the colony.

If we can design technology to mimic the way bees do this, we’ll be able to create better cameras and image-processing systems for drones and robots.

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