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Join us for the launch of the Creative Research Interventions in Methods and Practice (CRIMP) Lab launch and public lecture entitled ‘Party with lecture: modal ethics’ by Professor Felicity Colman.

The CRIMP laboratory supports a community of researchers working at the intersection of creative practice as a research method, visual sociology and anthropology. Following on from the foundational work of Celia Lury and Nina Wakeford in Inventive Methods: The Happening of the Social, the fields of visual sociology and anthropology have continued to expand methodologically, as the roles that digital and creative methods play in generating research findings have become increasingly useful in sociology and anthropology. CRIMP explores interdisciplinary connections between socially engaged arts practice, visual sociology and anthropology. Focusing on understanding creative economies of user generated media; and effecting and mapping social change, with a view to explicating the role that digital worlds and practices play in facilitating social change, lab members work across a broad spectrum of material, social and cultural contexts in examining how methods for ‘understanding’ the social also re-make and re-shape the social in ways that can be employed to effect social change. Responsive, contingent, creative and respectful research practices characterise the work of this lab’s members.

Date: Wednesday 19th December 2018
Time: Public Lecture 1-2pm, CRIMP Launch Drinks 2-3:30pm
Location: RMIT City Campus, Garden Building 10.05.89 

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