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“Digital Ethnography Research Centre [DERC], Royal Melbourne University of Technology, extends the Internship opportunity to Indian students [Master’s level] for a duration of one to three months. DERC is committed in its continued and ongoing focus on digital research practices and assumes even more significance in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The DERC Internship aims to extend the realm of digital research, questions, and methodologies to Indian students, particularly from regional universities. Students increasingly and predominantly define their sense of selves by the medium, content and outreach [and reactions] of the digital platforms.  The digital/virtual has also become the site of political activism, socialization, extending the limits of one-selves. The internship helps students towards research, reflexive, and contemplative engagements of these formations which remain rarely attended to by themselves. With most of the universities in the country opting for online, virtual teaching sessions, the students find themselves even ever more immersed in the world of the digital with limited tools, methodologies, and reflexive engagements to ground their realities or the sense of selves.

The DERC Internship offers an opportunity to the students to explore myriad issues of digital life-worlds, representation, and expressions of self. Any student currently enrolled in a masters programme at an Indian university may apply; no prior experience required. There is no standard format for submission of the internship research, and individual discussions with students will be held to agree upon the format, including but not limited to, audio diaries, written texts and visual representations.

If interested, please contact Dr. Tripta Chandola at or with a brief of the topic to be pursued and the duration of the internship. This internship does not offer a reimbursement, however the students will be guided and mentored in diverse aspects of digital research methods and writing and will be awarded a certificate from DERC upon successful completion of the internship.”

Tripta Chandola is an urban anthropologist and ethnographer based in Delhi. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and contributed book chapters. One of her long-term, sustained research engagements has been with the space and its residents of the slums of Govindpuri in Delhi. Her particular focus is on the everyday encounters, social, cultural, political, emotional and sensual, which inform the identity, rights and claims which the residents of the slums can assert in the broader materiality and imagination of the city. The politics of everyday encounters of marginalisation, disenfranchisement and rights of the poor are the key focus of her research. She has published in international peer-review journals and contributed to edited book collections. In 2015, BBC World Service commissioned a radio programme based on her doctoral research titled Listening into Others. Her book, Listening into Others: An Ethnographic Exploration in Govindpuri, was published by Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2020 and is available here:

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