Following the success of the Melbourne Summer School in February, the RMIT Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT Europe and the University of Catalunya will present a June Summer School in Barcelona, with fieldwork at Sónar Festival.

The Digital Ethnography in Practice Summer School offers professionals, PhD candidates and researchers an opportunity to acquire and practice a set of core digital ethnography research, analysis and dissemination skills. This will be gained through first hand training in the theory and practice of digital ethnography. Participants will attend a series of online and onsite workshops, and will plan, undertake and report on collaborative ethnography sited in Sónar Festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Along with developing their digital ethnographic fieldwork skills, summer school participants will work towards a group ethnography to be considered for publication.

The course is led by DERC-RMIT and Mediaccions-UOC researchers and tutors will include: Sarah Pink; John Postill; Elisenda Ardévol; Débora Lanzeni; Shanti Sumartojo; Edgar Gómez Cruz; Alba Colombo.

The event is supported by Bianca Vallentine (Summer School Manager) and Adriana Partal (Summer School Coordination).

Key reading for the course includes:

Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practice. Authors: Sarah Pink, Heather Horst, John Postill, Larissa Hjorth, Tania Lewis and Jo Tacchi. (2016) Los Angeles: Sage.

Digital Materialities; Anthropology and Design. Authors: Sarah Pink, Elisenda Ardévol and Débora Lanzeni. (2016) London: Bloomsbury.

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