The spread of new technologies has had a significant influence on our approaches to making and understanding change. Digital technologies have directly contributed to the formation of new sub-fields such as ICTD and Mobiles4Development (M4D) where digital tools are the focus of communication, as well as indirectly, where there integration of the digital in communicative ecologies informs our work and scholarship. It has also shaped how fields such as communication for development and social change field (C4D/CfSC) understand how people make change using communication.

Some of the speakers and their topics include: Professor Heather A. Horst: Mobile Branding and the Curation of Consumer-Citizens in Fiji Dr Jessica Noske-Turner: Digital innovation and/for development: an emerging research agenda Tait Brimacombe: Digital Feminism in Fiji Sheba Mohammid: Reimagined Pedagogies and Digital Media in Trinidad and Tobago Jennifer Anayo: Digital Nation Making and Niue; communicating a ‘heart’ for ‘home’ Marion Muliaumaseali’i: Mobile Phones in Rural Samoa.


We investigate how people experience the digital in everyday life, By researching from the ground up we bring fresh insight to a constantly changing world. The Digital Ethnography Research Centre DERC focuses on understanding a contemporary world where digital and mobile technologies are increasingly inextricable from the environments and relationships in which everyday life plays out. DERC excels in both academic scholarship and in our applied work with external partners from industry and other sectors.
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