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Jo Tacchi

Funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant (LP130100176), 2013 – 2016

Australia spends $5.2bn a year on overseas aid and is increasingly interested in the role of communication in sustainable development.

This project will help to create a more effective means of understanding the impact of communication for development and improving its effectiveness in contributing to sustained, positive development outcomes. This project will help to create an enabling environment which supports a shift towards an emergent, adaptive, evidence-based approach to evaluating communication for development (C4D).

It aims to bridge the divide between results-based and learning-based approaches to development evaluation. This is vital to demonstrate the contributions of C4D and ensure sustainable development and behaviour and social change outcomes.

The project will provide a better understanding of the contributions of C4D in addressing complex, long-term development goals such as reducing gender inequities. Taking a holistic approach, it will build evaluation capacities that are essential to continuously improve development outcomes in the Asia-Pacific region.

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