Please join us for our regular series of DERC Chats, an informal opportunity to hear what people in the centre and our broader research community are working on.  In this September session, we’ll hear three ‘lightning talks’ presented by Lisa French, Tami Gadir and Yee Man Louie.

Lisa French on women documentary directors and the female gaze

Each woman director has her own individual style and creative preferences. The aesthetic approaches to documentary film by women directors are as individual and diverse as the filmmakers’ specific life situations, experiences, material conditions, cultures, sexualities and other axes of difference— so there isn’t any singularity or homogeneity of the work or approach of women documentary filmmakers. But is there a ‘female gaze’? Can one talk of a female aesthetic? This is a work in progress for a forthcoming book titled The Female Gaze in Documentary Film – an International Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan forthcoming).

Tami Gadir on social injustices in electronic dance music cultures

In this short talk, Tami Gadir will discuss her book project, Electronic Dance Music and the Struggle for Better Worlds (Bloomsbury Academic). The book is an account of DJ-driven dance floors based on years of fieldwork and interviews with participants across continents. This talk will focus on the book’s rationale for an intersectional feminist counternarrative to prevailing utopian interpretations of dance music cultures, and the overall relevance of this to scholarship on contemporary cultures.

Yee Man Louie on digital domestic violence & migrant women

The rate of information and communication technologies development and uptake is rapid which has increasing implications for social and relational inter-actions. With technology playing an increasingly integral role in society, the use of technology to perpetrate violence against women by their intimate partners is also on the rise. Yee Man will chat to us about this new form of domestic abuse and whether we can harness technology for good to empower those who are at the margins.

Lisa French is Dean of the School of Media and Communication. Her research is largely in screen studies, with a particular focus on gender, and she has published widely in these fields in local and international journals. Lisa is a co-chair of UNESCO’s 19 global university research network on media, gender and ICTs (, and a member of ‘The Gender Matters Taskforce’, an initiative of the federal government agency Screen Australia.

Tami Gadir is a lecturer in the music industry program at RMIT. Her research addresses the mechanisms that promote or hinder equal participation in music. To date, she has explored this through the sounds, cultures, and technologies of contemporary, electronically-produced dance music.

Yee Man Louie is a PhD Candidate is a PhD member of the Technology, Communication and Policy Lab. Her research explores the role of digital communication technologies play in the experiences of, and responses to, domestic/intimate partner violence.

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