The Digital Ethnography Research Centre Cinema proudly presents a screening of Maria Stratford’s film – presented as part of her recently accepted PhD submission.

Maria Stratford’s documentary is a subject that has been part of her personal and professional life for nearly four decades – the Rastafari movement and the issue of repatriation to Africa. The documentary film, which forms part of Maria’s PhD, Rastas’ Journey ‘Home’ explores the success or otherwise of the act of repatriation of Rastafari to Africa, specifically in this instance, to Ethiopia. The film includes interludes of still photographs accompanied by reggae music that celebrates the issues of repatriation (going home), Africa, Rastafari and Ethiopia, as well as candid interviews with Rastafari who have made the journey to Ethiopia and now call it ‘home’. Maria is currently working on another documentary film, which will be shot in Jamaica called Priest Isaiah.

Dr Maria Stratfordworked in the film industry as a stills photographer and documentary filmmaker for 17 years and has produced a reggae music radio show (3CR Community Radio) for 15 years in Melbourne. Over the past eight years Maria has been teaching in the School of Media and Communication in a variety of programs including Photography, Media, Journalism and Professional Communications.

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