How do scholars transform doctoral theses into monographs?
What do publishers look for in a book proposal?
How do you negotiate a book contract?

In this session of DERC RAW, Dr Ramon Lobato, Senior Research Fellow
with DERC, will offer some tips on how to successfully navigate the world of
academic publishing and its many institutions, including university presses,
commercial presses, and open-access publishers.

All welcome!

Ramon Lobato is Senior Research Fellow (ARC DECRA fellow) with the Technology, Communication and Policy Lab. His research focuses on the cultural dimensions of media industries and markets, including non-legal, informal and pirate markets. Ramon is the author of Shadow Economies of Cinema and The Informal Media Economy, and more than 30 book chapters and articles. His current project is about the geography of video streaming. With an international team of collaborators, Ramon recently published the open-access book Geoblocking and Global Video Culture, a comparative study of streaming and circumvention practices. He is presently working on a book about Netflix.

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