This seminar will critically engage with two key concepts, social media and Chinese digital diaspora (both highly contested concepts), and contribute to scholarship on the theorization of flexible and digital citizenship in the era of social media. It brings together researchers of Chinese digital/social media studies and Chinese diaspora/migration studies to engage in a dialogue with audience on the relation between Chinese migrants’ engagement with social media, their participation in Australian public life, and their reconceptualisation of identity, community, and spatiality in the age of always-on connectivity and sociality. The seminaris based on a forthcoming special issue of Media International Australia (MIA), co-edited by Haiqing Yu and Wanning Sun, which discusses the role of digital and social media platforms and practices in forging new forms of civic engagement among the highly diversified and stratified Chinese diaspora communities in Australia. Contributors of the special issue will share their research at the seminar.

Haiqing Yu (RMIT)
Fran Martin (Melbourne)
Jian Xu (Deakin)
Dino Ge Zhang (RMIT)
Andy Xinyu Zhao (Deakin)
Qiuping Pan (Melbourne)

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