As researchers we often need to facilitate the communication of complex information. This can be difficult when working across different languages with children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Anna Hickey-Moody will chat about her ways of making collaborative art with children as a means of understanding their experiences of identity and belonging. Anna will talk through some examples from her research such as collaborative quilt making, canvas painting and digital animations, and will show a range of animations made by children involved in her current research and will demonstrate how to make short identity animations on iPads. One of the strengths of animations is that they allow children’s voices, favourite songs, photographs, symbols and drawings to be brought together, so there are numerous aids to support the children’s rich description of their worlds. These examples are invited to open up discussion on visual and sensory ethnographies.

Bring along questions or sticking points arising from your own creative ethnography to chat through, or sound out some ideas for how you might include some creative aspects to your current qualitative work.

The workshops are also open to the wider RMIT community, so feel free to share with your networks.  All welcome – no RSVP needed.  Drinks and snacks provided.

Anna Hickey-Moody is a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow, ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Media and Communication at RMIT. She studied Social Anthropology and Performing Arts at the University of Adelaide in the 1990’s and since then she has worked with young people who are considered to be marginalised in some respect, making different kinds of creative works as a way of foregrounding youth voice. Anna is an enthusiastic and warm conversationalist.


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