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This Wednesday, DERC is hosting University of Queensland Senior Lecturer in Sociology, in the School of Social Science, Rebecca E Olson. Rebecca will give a talk about visualising clinician emotions in cancer care.

Emotions are typically seen as harmful to good clinical decision-making, or something to be managed in interactions with clients. Scholarly recognition of the relevance of emotions to clinician-clinician interactions has been sparse. In this presentation, I analyse the significance of emotions to effective interprofessional practice – a model of healthcare delivery where decision-making is shared across allied health, nursing and medical professionals. Drawing on video data taken of interprofessional case conferences collected as part of a larger video-reflexive ethnography study, I present key moments where emotions are shared across clinicians in meetings. I argue that these moments work to foster solidarity across the interprofessional team, and support the transcendence of power differences necessary in achieving shared decision-making.

To sign up for Rebecca’s event go here

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