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Catherine Gomes, together with ISANA VIC/TAS and Shanton Chang (Melbourne Uni) have received a $45,480 International Student Welfare Grant from the State Government of Victoria (Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources) for a project investigating and improving the ways in which international students in Victoria deal with critical incidents.

Titled ‘Contact Points: Enabling international students during critical incidents’, the project includes workshops across Victoria with university-based international students, student support services and local councils facilitated by ISANA, the Victorian Police, Medical and Ambulance Services and Fire Services.  During these workshops, international students and student support service representatives will be surveyed on their knowledge of critical incident scenarios. Workshop participants will discuss the critical incident scenarios they have encountered or foresee, and develop strategies for informing international students of what to do when they encounter critical incidents.

The research will culminate in a report that will be available across institutions in all education sectors across Victoria and to all local councils.

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