Creativity, Learning, Digital Arts, and Design

Creativity, Learning, Digital Arts, and Design positions research participants as ‘creative agents’ and authors of their own experience.

This programme takes the question of research translation as a point of departure and creates experiences, artefacts, resources and texts through which participant’s stories, perspectives, desires and subjectivities are presented in affective and accessible ways.

Creativity, Learning, Digital Arts, and Design explores the potential of social practice and co-designed arts across a range of disciplinary spaces. Researchers explore issues relating to visibility, agency, voice, care, educational experience, screen and performance-based methods for progressive and transformational ethnographic research. 

This program places a strong emphasis on accessibility and social inclusion. Methods employed are designed to be inclusive, relevant in inter-cultural and cross-cultural contexts and ensure to facilitate distributed agency in ways that support and encourage participants. Research is both a vehicle for social change and a means of collaborative knowledge production.



Interfaith Childhoods

The Interfaith Childhoods project works with schools, communities and religious organizations to collect and share stories of everyday life told by both secular people and those of faith in Australia...