Method Lab 

Building ethical and innovative tools for understanding digital transformations in society  

Method Lab is DERC’s flagship space for testing innovative methods for studying data, digital culture, and disruptive technologies in society. With professional workshops, PhD summer schools, and internal seminars, we solidify our globally recognized expertise in methods that blend the best of social science, data science, and humanities.  

Professional training and methodology resources are available in a variety of formats, through workshops, consultations, and professional development masterclasses. Our methodology experts work in close alignment with the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision Making and Society, the Blockchain Innovation Hub, D3, the Social Change Enabling Impact Platform, and R&I’s Researcher Capability team. DERC also hosts both early and advanced career research visitors in Melbourne to gain methodological experience. 

Method Lab is open for any DERC member to join, which will involve not just attending, but facilitating events, workshops, and methods showcases. To get involved, to learn more about what’s happening, or to participate in Lab events, contact the lab leader.

Lab Leader

The DERC Executive Committee organizes various events for Method Lab. Please contact for more information or if you are keen to participate more fully in the lab activities.


Methods Masterclass Series

Methods Masterclass Series 2023 offers advanced training in creative practice, digital ethnographic, and social science tools. Co sponsored by the Enabling Impact Platforms at RMIT.