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Marsha Berry

Funded by IDP Australia Ltd, 2014-2015

This project aims to explore how different groups of international students might access information that affects their health and lifestyle in Australia. The project also aims to study the relationship between international students’ self- perceived identity/social roles and social networks, in order to understand the patterns of communication of different groups of students. For example, do students who identify themselves strongly as temporary visitors rely on Australian sources of information or go back to their home country sources, given the ease with which this might be done in the digital age? This project seeks to answer the following questions;

  1. What sources of information do international students rely on for everyday living?
  2. What patterns might be discerned in the way international students access information?
  3. What impacts do social roles/networks have on how/where international students access information?
  4. Which social media outlets and online communities do international students interact with?
  5. What are ways to achieve more targeted information sharing amongst international students?
  6. What practical implications are there for helping international students manage their health and lifestyle?

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