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Heather A. Horst, Jo Tacchi & Domenic Friguglietti

Funded by the Australian Research Council (LP120200705), 2013–2016; RPIS Grant, 2012; ABC International, 2012-2015

This project will research Communication for Development (C4D) initiatives in the Pacific region. Partnering with ABC International Development (ABC ID), the study represents a unique opportunity to research and inform the design, implementation and evaluation of development programs with implications for the region and Australian development initiatives globally. Development in the region is a priority for Australia as we provide half of all global Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Pacific island countries, over $1.16 billion in 2011-12, constituting almost 25 per cent of total Australian development assistance.

The Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) is a regional program run by ABC ID with support from AusAID. It aims to contribute to improved and sustainable development outcomes through strengthening media systems, and increasingly through C4D approaches. ABC ID and AusAID recognise the need to seek localised solutions within a regional approach, a need that this project responds to. ABC ID draw upon the latest thinking in innovative, qualitative approaches to researching and evaluating C4D to add more nuanced understanding to this survey work and capture the important particularities of the region. Bringing together the recent survey research with our approach to C4D and the importance of understanding ‘communicative ecologies’, our partnership will research and inform the PACMAS scheme to facilitate deeper understandings of the region leading to more effective development assistance.

Researchers involved in the project include Jennifer Ananyo, Mark Eby, Sheba Mohammid, Jessica Noske-Turner & Marion Muliaumaseali’i.

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