Congratulations Dr Yee Man Louie

February 21, 2022

Yee Man Louie has achieved her PhD with outstanding examiner reports. Her thesis titled ‘For better or worse: when technology intersects with domestic violence and the lived experiences of Chinese immigrant women’ explored the intersection of technology and domestic violence, particularly Chinese migrant women victim-survivors’ lived experience and their relationships with communication technology. Her examiners noted ‘the high level of originality and the ‘significant contribution’ of the thesis ‘to the global research on technology and domestic violence’. Examiners praised her ability to integrate ‘a complex theoretical model, intersectionality, into the PhD project and skilfully apply it to the study and data analysis’, and the ‘multi-perspective approach’ in her research design. Yee Man’s research revealed technology is a double-edged sword. The findings advance existing knowledge on technology-facilitated domestic abuse and response, and have implications on social policy. Examiners noted the thesis ‘highlights the strength of interdisciplinary research drawing from social science research on gender-based violence and communication/digital media studies to offer a more holistic understanding of technology-facilitated abuse than one field could have offered’.

Yee Man was supervised by Prof. Julian Thomas, Prof. Ellie Rennie, and Prof. Suellen Murray.