DERC Researchers Rowan Wilken and James Meese awarded ARC Discovery Project

November 14, 2020

We are very excited by the news that Rowan Wilken and James Meese have been awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project for their project 5G and the Future of Public Telecommunications!

Rowan Wilken and James Meese’s project aims to examine the rollout of 5G and assess the implications of this emerging technology for public telecommunications from the perspective of multiple stakeholders (including emergency services). 5G will radically transform the role and function of the telecommunications sector, and this project will examine the evolution of public telecommunications as part of this larger transformation.

It will provide an evidence base for stakeholders and chart a new role for public telecommunications during a period of structural change. It will also help scholars reconceptualise core tenets of public telecommunications policy. Benefits include the more efficient use of public resources in the telecommunications sector.