Digital CBD Survey 2022

image of melbourne cityscape
March 22, 2022

How do Melbourne residents feel about the City, post pandemic?

The central business district, or CBD, is often referred to as the “heart” of any city. In Melbourne, how much has the COVID-19 pandemic and local lockdowns impacted the city? As Melbourne emerged from lockdowns in early 2022, RMIT researchers launched a city-wide survey to assess the attitudes and perceptions of residents toward their CBD.

The survey was launched in March, 2022 and results will be published mid-June, 2022. Questions cover a range of topics, from wellbeing, digital engagement, remote work, social life, to the imagined futures of Melbourne.

The survey is part of the Digital CBD project, a collaboration between RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub, Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, and the Digital Ethnography Research Centre. Envisioned and led by DERC Co-Director and Professor Annette Markham, the Digital CBD Survey was developed by a team of experts including Blockchain Innovation Hub Research Fellow Dr. Alexia Maddox (Lead Research Fellow), Professor Tania Lewis (DERC) Dr. Jacinthe Flore (DERC), Dr. Trent McDonald (BIH) Dr. Nataliya Ilyushina (BIH).

This survey instrument was designed to establish a baseline for city-wide attitudes and perceptions about the city’s central business district. It was developed by drawing on a range of well-established sociological measures and existing instruments from previous survey studies around the world. For source material to replicate the survey in other cities, please contact the Principal Investigator, Annette Markham. This is an ongoing project and updates will be added to this page. For more information about the survey in the context of the larger Digital CBD Project at RMIT, please visit the main Digital CBD website.

This research has been funded by the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund (VHESIF). This survey research project has been approved by the RMIT University Human Research Ethics Committee. Approval 2 March 2022, reference number: 2022-25144-16846

What do you think of Melbourne? A Vox Pop video to help us think about how to develop the survey
image of melbourne cityscape