The Shut-In Worker: Working from home and digitally-enabled labour practices during COVID-19 – Call for participants

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May 25, 2020

Have you found yourself having to work from home during the COVID crisis when you would have previously gone to ‘work’, whether in an office, co-worker space or another kind of environment?

​Researchers at the Digital Ethnography Research Centre at RMIT University are conducting a research project to examine the role of digital technology and practices for Australian households who have had to work from home during the COVID pandemic.

We’re interested in how you’ve been using digital devices and software at home for work purposes during the ‘lockdown’ period. Perhaps you’ve set up a dedicated home office space, and upgraded your devices or internet connection for high quality video meetings. Or perhaps you’re making do with existing technology, and working from a laptop on the kitchen table as best you can. You may have learnt new skills with new digital platforms that enable remote work, or you may be using the same ones that you were previously.

We’d like to hear about your experience of working from home and how it has impacted on your life and domestic routines over the past weeks.

We are only recruiting a small number of participants, but planning to conduct online interviews with a range of people in all types of households, living arrangements and locations – including remote areas.

Please note, we are particularly interested in households that have high levels of engagement with digital media but who were working primarily outside of the home prior to the COVID outbreak.

The information that we gather will help us to better understand the opportunities and challenges that come with working from home when one is reliant on digital technologies and online access.

People who participate in the online interview process will receive a $100 gift voucher.

Please contact us via the following form if you are interested in participating in this project and/or would like more details.

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