Big Data and Ethnography: Sarah Pink

Big Data and Ethnography: personal data in an uncertain world (Spanish) In the Big Data phenomenon, the practices of its production, analysis and representation seem, at first sight, very far and [...]

SAGE Methodspace: Sarah Pink

Sarah Pink talks to Patrick Brindle, Research Methods Publisher at SAGE Publications, about what advice she would give to new researchers, and about she views developments in the field of [...]

PhD e-booklet and video series

Celebrating the work of DERC PhD students are two excellent resources – a video and E-Booklet for those interested in the future of digital ethnography. “It has become a truism to [...]

Running Practices in Barcelona

Running Practices in Barcelona: Digital Findings from Ethnographic Fieldwork On Wednesday 26 April 2017 visiting PhD Elisa Herrera-Altamirano gave  a presentation in Melbourne about [...]

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