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Jo Tacchi, Heather Horst, Evangelia Papoutsaki, Verena Thomas and Joys Eggins

Funded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, International Development  

This project employs a Communication for Development (C4D) approach to understand the diversity and complexity of media and communication environments. A C4D approach enables development organisations to better design and implement media and communication assistance programs and work towards the goal of lasting and sustainable development. Through a range of qualitative research methods, the project seeks to develop an in-depth understanding of the Pacific media environment, including policy and legislation, capacity building, content and media distribution systems. Through this work we identify key trends, major opportunities and constraints or challenges to a free, well-functioning and independent media sector which can be employed to determine priority areas for media development in the Pacific region.  The research for this project was undertaken between 2012 and 2013 by the Pacific Media and Communication Research Consortium, which is a partnership between Jo Tacchi (RMIT University, Australia); Heather A. Horst (RMIT University, Australia); Evangelia Papoutsaki (UNITEC, New Zealand); Verena Thomas (University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea); and Joys Eggins (University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea). Researchers on the project include Felicity Cull (RMIT University, Australia); Martha Ginau (Australian National University, Australia); Usha Harris (Macquarie University, Australia); Sandra Kailahi (UNITEC, New Zealand); Josephine Mann (University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea); Marion Muliaumaseali’i (UNITEC, New Zealand and RMIT University, Australia); Jessica Noske-Turner (RMIT University, Australia and Queensland University of Technology, Australia); Lawrencia Pipir (University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea); Christine Schmidt (RMIT University, Australia); and Naomi Strickland (UNITEC, New Zealand).  Project Blog:  Final Report:

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