Bernardo Figueiredo

Bernardo Figueiredo is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing at RMIT University. His experience includes roles in NGOs, multinational companies, SMEs, and public organisations. His passion lies in projects that enable societal transformation and consumer empowerment. To foster change, he engages with citizens, communities, industry, and government.

His research has involved three research areas:

1) the globalization of markets and consumer culture, exploring topics such as leveraging consumer value creation in dynamic networks, identifying collaborative consumer networks, and addressing challenges in contexts with hybrid social and market logics;

2) the intersection of ageing and technology, investigating perceived risks in technology adoption among older adults, developing codesign strategies to overcome these risks and to empower older adults, and exploring technology for enhancing digital social inclusion and longevity ecosystems.

3) transformative and social marketing, aiming to empower consumers, transform consumer experiences, promote consumer health and well-being, mitigate marketplace exclusion and social stigma, support vulnerable consumers, and conduct sociocultural analyses of consumption inequalities such as those related to age, ethnicity, gender, and/or class.