Campbell McNolty

Campbell McNolty is the General Manager at SYN Media, a youth-run not-for-profit media organisation. SYN provides media training and a public platform for young people aged 12-26, publishing the voices of young Australians on FM and digital radio, TV and online. Campbell has been passionately involved in community media since age fifteen, when he started volunteering at Melbourne community radio station, PBS. He also sits on the Development and Operations Grants Advisory Committee at the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Campbell completed his undergraduate studies in political science at Monash University, conducting a political study of volunteering and voluntourism in Cambodia in his honours year. He continued with a Masters in Communication at RMIT and researched political communication and emergent digital democracy platforms. His masters thesis investigated the political affordances of Melbourne-based digital democracy initiative MiVote. Campbell’s areas of interest include participatory media, digital democracy and voter decision making.