Fiona Nicoll

Dr Fiona Nicoll is a Professor in Political Science at the University of Alberta in Canada and Adjunct Professor at RMIT in Australia.  A transnational scholar working across two white settler-colonizing states, her research catalyzes interdisciplinary conversations about some of the most challenging cultural and political issues of our time, including gambling regulation, white nationalist social media platforms, the biopolitics of reconciliation and white ignorance in the neoliberal university.  Dr Nicoll’s current research projects include a book in progress titled Integrity and Disciplinarity in Gambling Research and an invited research project with Indigenous youth from Northern Ontario titled  Giwii-nisidopanmin odaminowin: Gambling and Videogames in the lives of Indigenous Youth in Northwestern Ontario.  She is currently working for youth researchers to facilitate an international exchange on gaming between youth from Northwestern Ontario and West Coast communities in South Australia.  Beyond traditional academic monographs, including From Diggers to Drag Queens and Gambling in Everyday Life, Dr Nicoll applies her research expertise to facilitate social history, public art and other knowledge transfer projects.  As the founding editor and current co-editor of Critical Gambling Studies, an international, interdisciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed journal and blog, Dr Nicoll works together with scholars around the world to shift academic discourses beyond a narrow focus on ‘problem gambling’.  Recent examples include a recent special issue on Critical Indigenous Gambling Studies and a book chapter exploring  gambling, affect and aesthetics in the award-winning television drama Ozark