Himani Joshi

Himani Joshi is a PhD candidate in the School of Media and Communication. Her research (Expression of grief on social media platforms) is a part of the ARC Future Fellowship in the supervision of Distinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth and Professor Catherine Gomes. She holds a Master of Research from Western Sydney University, a Bachelor of Arts (English and Psychology) and a Master of Arts (English Language and Literature) from universities in her home country, India. Her research interests include feminism, gender, and media culture with her MRes thesis focusing on Beyoncé’s album Lemonade, showcasing how it contributes to popular feminist discussion, justifying Beyoncé’s feminist image.


The Mourning After: Grief rituals, affective witnessing and mobile media 

this ARC Future Fellowship aims to shed light on the process of giving grief visibility through mourning rituals, highlighting how this can help honour the loss, develop resilience, and enhance...