James Meese

James Meese

James Meese is a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University. He holds an early career research fellowship from the Australian Research Council and is currently co-editing a collection with Sara Bannerman on the algorithmic distribution of news.

James has also received research funding from the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network. His two books are Authors, Users, Pirates: Subjectivity and Copyright Law (MIT Press) and Death and Digital Media (Routledge, co-authored) and he has published work in a variety of leading journals.

James Meese


Automation and Social Futures

Automation and Social Futures engages with the ethical, political, social, organisational, cultural and governance implications of machine learning, algorithmic decision-making and digital infrastructures.


Understanding algorithmic distribution in the Australian media industry

This project examines how the use of algorithms to distribute content on social media platforms is affecting the Australian news media sector. It will investigate how media professionals work with...


Death and Digital Media

Death and Digital Media provides a critical overview of how people mourn, commemorate and interact with the dead through digital media.

Authors, Users, and Pirates: Copyright Law and Subjectivity

James Meese reveals the messy, complex historical and sociological realities of copyright law lying underneath the overheated rhetoric of copyright stakeholders.


DERC Researchers Rowan Wilken and James Meese awarded ARC Discovery Project

November 14, 2020

Rowan Wilken and James Meese have been awarded an Australian Research Council Discovery Project for their project 5G and the Future of Public Telecommunications.

DERC’s research on COVID continues to surge ahead

July 21, 2020

We may have been in lockdown, but that didn’t stop DERC researchers from launching several projects to study the pandemic.