Jess Hardley

Jess Hardley is a PhD candidate in Media and Communication at RMIT University. Her research interests include phenomenology, embodiment, ethnography, mobile media, feminist theory, theories of space and place, safety and risk. She also has a passion for innovative methods and interdisciplinary research approaches.

Prior to her PhD, Jess completed an Erasmus Mundus Master´s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at Utrecht University and Central European University. Jess has published in Convergence, Australian Feminist Studies, and M/C Journal, and is co-author of Mobile Media and the Urban Night (Palgrave, forthcoming). She has also presented research at several international conferences, including European Feminist Research Conference, Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, and Association of Internet Researchers Conference.

Jess is also on the editorial board of the journal Digital Geography and Society. Alongside her research, Jess has 9 years’ experience teaching in the fields of Digital Media, Internet Studies, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies.