Leah Li

Leah Li, known as Xiufang (Leah) Li, is a lecturer in communication and media at RMIT University. Her primary research areas include digital communication and public relations. She specializes in researching about strategic content construction and platform design, and engagement mechanism in creating changes in perception and behaviour; and how the interplay of politics and culture affects the multidimensional construct of meaning-making, especially in the participatory media space. With the expertise in research design using mixed methods, she is best known for her work in digital engagement and innovation in the interdisciplinary areas of public relations, sustainable branding, journalism, and media representation.

Leah has a track record of over 37 publications, acting as the single/first author for 95% of these publications. Her work is published in Public Relations Review, The European Journal of Cultural Studies, and Global Media and China. She has been involved in 18 research projects, leading 12 out of the 18 as sole chief investigator.