Marta Poblet

Marta Poblet Balcell is an Associate Professor at RMIT University’s Graduate School of Business and Law and Director of the Social Change Enabling Capabilities Platform.

She is one of the co-founders of the Institute of Law and Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and past researcher at ICREA (Catalonia). Marta holds a JSD in law (Stanford University 2002) and a Master in International Legal Studies (Stanford University 2000). Her research interests cut across many disciplines, including political science, law, technology and sociology.

She is also interested in the connections between technology developments (AI, blockchain, human computer interaction) and different theories of democracy and citizenship. Her particular area of interest is in how technologies can provide outcomes for citizens in the areas of justice, security, privacy, disaster relief or emergency management and she is also working on the influence of emerging technologies such as crowd sourcing and domain mapping.

With an undergraduate degree from her native Spain and postgraduate degrees from Stanford University, Dr Poblet Balcell speaks six languages and she has been published in both English and Spanish in numerous journals, papers and books.