Megan Kelleher

Megan Kelleher is a PhD candidate and one of RMIT’s Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Pre‑Doctoral Fellows in the School of Media and Communication. The title of her thesis is ‘Blockchain Mapping and Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Observations at the interface between distributed consensus technology and Indigenous governance’. Megan is investigating whether blockchain technology can interface with an Indigenous knowledge system – and conversely whether an Indigenous knowledge system can be used to guide the coordination of processes within a blockchain system.

Grounded in her Barada / Baradha and Gabalbara / Kapalbara heritage, the research will be approached from an Indigenous standpoint, contributing to the field from an important Australian research perspective.

Previous to RMIT Megan was at Creative Victoria in Indigenous Partnerships, and in the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Strategic Communication and Protocol Branch.


DERCCHATS: Making Space for Indigenous Research

November 16, 2021

Join this lively and wide-ranging conversation, from Country to the academy, about what makes 'Indigenous knowledge' and where to next. Event date: Monday 6 December. Seminar from 2pm to 3:30pm,...