Seth Keen

Dr Seth Keen is a practice-led designer, researcher, and educator in the media program at RMIT University. He is interested in working with industry partners across teaching and research on the co-design of innovative approaches towards media communication.

His teaching focuses on photo and video technologies and practices, within the fields of interactive, mobile and social media. He uses his research practice to engage with design and information technology specialists on the co-design of media platforms.

Seth has worked on projects with academic and industry partners in the areas of development aid, cultural geography, social services, and disaster resilience. He is a co-winner of a Good Design Australia Award in Social Impact, 2018.


‘FireLens: Bushfire Visual Communication’ rapid response photo and video sharing platform. A partnership project with fire agencies at the Victoria State Government, Department of Environment Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Country Fire Authority (CFA), (2017-ongoing). RMIT news – ‘Image sharing platform a critical new tool for planned burns

Customary Approaches to Healing in Timor-Leste documentary. The University of Melbourne, ARC Discovery, (2019-ongoing).

Wild Honey: Caring for Bees in a Divided Land documentary. The University of Melbourne, ARC Discovery, Worldwide distribution Ronin Films (2018-19).

Being Wiradjuri Together – Co-Designing Self-Determination, The University of Melbourne and RMIT University Good Design winner in Social Impact, (2015-18).

Cultural Ecology of Timor-Leste Digital Archive online photo and video archive. The University of Melbourne, ARC Discovery, Arkivu Digital Kultura no Ekologia Timor-Leste, (2009-10).

Bogota Colombia interactive online video website. A virtual tour of a development aid program, World Vision Australia, (2008-9).

Research interests

Photo and video platforms, mobile media, social media, documentaries, audio-visual media, co-design, digital product and service design


Creativity, Learning, Digital Arts, and Design

Creativity, Learning, Digital Arts, and Design positions research participants as ‘creative agents’ and authors of their own experience.