Sheba Mohammid

Sheba Mohammid is a PhD candidate. Her project is titled “Practices and Tensions in Digital Media and the Construction of a Knowledge Society in Trinidad”. Her research questions what are the practices in using digital media in construction of a knowledge society in Trinidad?

This study destabilises the ‘known’ knowledge society of formal policy and instead confronts the messiness of day to day experiences (Mann 1986). It examines the everyday practices and tensions faced by Trinidadians as they use digital media for knowledge creation, sharing and use.

This research brings to the fore, the everyday stories and informal strategies of the Trinidadian people themselves as they negotiate day to day learning. It uncovers the unwritten practices of both the policymakers and practitioners who administer interventions as well as the Trinidadian citizens (Trinis) who appropriate digital media and learning in their own lives. I examine this through an ethnographic approach consisting of eighteen months immersion, participant observation and in-depth interviews in Trinidad.