Tito Ambyo

Tito Ambyo is a writer, journalist, lecturer and a PhD candidate with the School of Media and Communication. He uses anthropological and journalistic tools to look at storytelling, spirituality and people’s relationship with technology in the digital world. His PhD thesis, ‘Digital Haunting in Indonesia’, looks at the ways Indonesian horror vloggers share ghost stories to examine the roles digital technologies play in mediating people’s expressions of spirituality in the online world.

Before starting his research and teaching career, he was a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a filmmaker, a poet and a playwright. He is now an advocate of multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching and storytelling. He has won a few awards and grants, most recently a grant from the City of Moreland for Re(lu)minescence, a collaborative project about light, memories and social change, and an Ossie Award for ‘Best Innovation in Journalism’ in 2017.