Yoly Yuzheng Li

Yoly Yuzheng Li is a PhD student within the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing (VCPS scholarship holder). Her current research delves into a captivating realm, focusing on the interplay of the female gaze and the consumption of male sexuality within Chinese digital consumer culture. Employing a pioneering digital ethnographic approach featuring screencast videography, observational analyses, and insightful interviews, she explores the intricate dynamics surrounding male beauty influencers. Her primary focus is on their creation of gendered experiences for female consumers during live streaming e-commerce sessions. Central to her investigation are themes of gendered power dynamics, customer intimacy, and the presentation of cultural identities.

This trajectory of research stems from Yoly’s formative study on the gaze of Chinese fangirls upon male celebrities while engaging with celebrity-endorsed beauty products, such as lipsticks and perfumery, during her Master’s program. She achieved her Bachelor of Commerce at the prestigious University of Melbourne in 2020, followed by the successful completion of her Master’s degree in Marketing Communications at the same institution in 2022. Her background also includes internship roles in social media management, content creation, and marketing consulting, all of which were garnered during her previous academic pursuits. This confluence of academic prowess and practical engagement positions her as a scholar making strides within the intriguing intersection of consumer culture, gender dynamics, and digital ethnography.