Zainil Zainuddin

Zainil Zainuddin is a PhD candidate with the School of Media and Communication and is researching farming practices in Victoria by a new breed of farmers who she refers to as farmer-activists. These are farmers by choice and not by heritage with no prior experience nor training in farming.

Most are tertiary educated with once a strong professional identity and connection to their place of work in the city. She will be investigating who these farmer-activists are, their motivation and intentions, and values and ethos and will also explore the socio-technical aspect of the farmer-activist communities use of digital platforms to enhance their community of practice.

Digital ethnography will visually capture the richness of the farm as a place-event, which will be used in combination with qualitative methodology to capture the emerging narrative of personal experiences. She will be interpreting data collected through the lenses of food as a social movement and food activism.

  • Publications
  • Project: Manage a community garden project in a residential-conservation cooperative.