In recent years, the effects of digitalization are starting to appear. Sensor data and algorithms recognize who you are and then open the apartment door and turn on the lights. Data-driven AI helps you find what you want on Google, Amazon and Netflix. Datafication is everywhere.

In this Medea Vox episode, Sarah Pink and Maria Engberg discuss the pitfalls of data-driven decision making, ethical data futures, and how people – of course – will tinker with the algorithms in their autonomous vehicles.


Sarah Pink is Distinguished Professor and Director of the Digital Ethnography Research Centre, in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Her work combines theoretical and methodological scholarship with applied practice. Professor Pink is known for her digital visual and sensory ethnography methodologies, and more recently for her work on data, automation and self-tracking.

Maria Engberg is senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology and founding member of the Computational Media Lab at Malmö University. During 2017, she heads up a network of researchers at Malmö University who will form a research program on the topic of Digitalizing Society.

For more about data check out the Data Ethnographies Lab

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