Migration, Digital Mobilities and Diverse Communities lab is concerned with the globalised politics and experiences of (im)mobilities, and how these play out in our digitally saturated world. It aims to understand and demonstrate the diverse ways in which movement is experienced and impacts those who move, those who are left behind and receiver nation communities. It focuses the phenomenology of mobility in light of the sociopolitical and global context that is informed by current and historical relations of power. The lab is committed to social justice by surfacing patterns of power and privilege that maintain the status quo and to understanding the evolving and developing nature of diversity and social relations caused by the movements of people. By engaging with and working alongside communities, the lab aims to contribute to knowledge production, influence public discourses on diversity and the social policy landscape. The lab contributes to RMIT’s Social Change Enabling Capabilities Platform. This lab brings together scholarship focused on the physical life-digital environment nexus. The lab offers a platform for scholars with a shared interest and expertise on the experiences, the process and impact of migration to share and foster research using digital methods.

Migration, Digital Mobilities and Diverse Communities lab is focused on the following themes:

  • Social cohesion and diversity
  • Tourism and Consumerism
  • Cultural politics of labour
  • International education and global flows
  • Politics of religion
  • Mobility of social capital
  • Community making and social relations



Projects (Current)

Catherine Gomes – Media and transient migrants in Australia and Singapore: mapping identities and networks. Funded by: ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher. Website: http://translatingimpermanence.org/

Catherine Gomes – Mapping the Social Networks of international students: Foundations of improved communication with international students. Funded by IDP Education

Jolynna Sinanan – Locating the Mobile: Intergenerational Locative Media Practices in Tokyo, Melbourne and Shanghai. Funded by an ARC Linkage Grant and Intel.

Jolynna Sinanan – Global Social Media Impact Study, University College London. Funded by the European Research Council.

Projects (Past)

Mobiles, Money and Migration on the Border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic (Heather Horst) – on website http://www.digital-ethnography.net/projects/#Mobile,%20Migrants%20and%20Money

The Gender of Money (Heather Horst & Supriya Singh) – on website http://www.digital-ethnography.net/projects/

Webcam (Daniel Miller +Jolynna Sinanan) – on website http://www.digital-ethnography.net/projects/

Complex, Clever, Cool (Sarah Pink) on web site – included research with Indonesian student migrants to Melbourne  website http://www.digital-ethnography.net/projects/

Mapping Social Networks of International Students: Foundations for Improving Communications. Administered by The University of Melbourne (with Melbourne University). Funded by Universities Australia (Catherine Gomes)

PhD Research

Jen Anayo – Celebrating Niuean Identity in a Digital Age; a Small Island Developing State, and a Transnational Social Field (partially supported by ARC Linkage and ABC International Development)

Lucy Chen – The Impact of Life Changes on Young Adults’ Social Media Practices: An Ethnographic Study of Young Chinese Adults Living in Australia(China Scholarship Council)

Tammy Law – Away From Home: A visual research project exploring the idea of home and mobility through the transnational lives of families from Burma (Australian Postgraduate Award)

Joshua Wong Media, Mobility and International Student Well-Being (Young and Well CRC)

Key Publications

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