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Program announced for the Design for Wellbeing Symposium – register here

10:15 Registration
10:30 Opening and official welcome Sarah Pink
10:40 speaker 1 Laurene Vaughan Care as a foundation for design practice & expanding contexts for health and wellbeing.
11:00 Q&A
11:05 speaker 2 Sarah Pink Design Anthropology for Wellbeing
11:25 Q&A
11:30 speaker 3 Margo Annemans Building a care vision
11:50 Q&A
11:55 Lunch plans and return times Shanti Sumartojo
12:00 Lunch Break Lunch at Media Portal for 30 guests
12:55 Return from Lunch
13:00 speaker 4 Keely Macarow Designing my body into wellbeing:
13:20 Q&A
13:30 speaker 5 Ana Martinez Where there is a doctor but not a hospital
13:50 Q&A
14:00 speaker 6 Philip Tune The view from the cheap seats: hopes and dreams
14:20 Q&A
14:30 speaker 7 Michel Verheem Enhanced user experiences through better collaboration Hospital – Architect – Wayfinding
14:50 Q&A
15:00 Afternoon break due back time Shanti Sumartojo
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:25 Return from break
15:30 speaker 8 Wendy Gunn Participatory care: Building relations between social and material dimensions of air quality with the health and well-being of patients
15:50 Q&A
16:00 speaker 9 Finn Pederson Architecture and Aboriginal Cultural Wellness in some Kimberley Case Studies
16:20 Q&A
16:30 speaker 10 Julie Bernhardt Why is a neuroscientist interested in hospital design
16:50 Q&A


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