Program announced for the Design for Wellbeing Symposium – register here

10:30Opening and official welcomeSarah Pink
10:40speaker 1Laurene VaughanCare as a foundation for design practice & expanding contexts for health and wellbeing.
11:05speaker 2Sarah PinkDesign Anthropology for Wellbeing
11:30speaker 3Margo AnnemansBuilding a care vision
11:55Lunch plans and return timesShanti Sumartojo
12:00Lunch BreakLunch at Media Portal for 30 guests
12:55Return from Lunch
13:00speaker 4Keely MacarowDesigning my body into wellbeing:
13:30speaker 5Ana MartinezWhere there is a doctor but not a hospital
14:00speaker 6Philip TuneThe view from the cheap seats: hopes and dreams
14:30speaker 7Michel VerheemEnhanced user experiences through better collaboration Hospital – Architect – Wayfinding
15:00Afternoon break due back timeShanti Sumartojo
15:00Afternoon Break
15:25Return from break
15:30speaker 8Wendy GunnParticipatory care: Building relations between social and material dimensions of air quality with the health and well-being of patients
16:00speaker 9Finn PedersonArchitecture and Aboriginal Cultural Wellness in some Kimberley Case Studies
16:30speaker 10Julie BernhardtWhy is a neuroscientist interested in hospital design


We investigate how people experience the digital in everyday life, By researching from the ground up we bring fresh insight to a constantly changing world. The Digital Ethnography Research Centre DERC focuses on understanding a contemporary world where digital and mobile technologies are increasingly inextricable from the environments and relationships in which everyday life plays out. DERC excels in both academic scholarship and in our applied work with external partners from industry and other sectors.
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