Hosted by the Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC) at RMIT University

Convened by Sarah Pink, Deborah Lupton and Deb Verhoeven

The first symposium of the Digital Data and Society Consortium seeks to create a new forum in Australia for the sharing and exchange of research in the HASS fields that concerns digital data. Our focus for the first event will be on the social life of data, but will in doing so attend to the social as inextricable from materialities, politics and ethics. Our aim is to bring together new research in this field for consortium members to present and discuss, towards consolidating, developing and establishing key research agendas and impact relating to the future of digital data in Australia and beyond. Attendees will include consortium members and key guests invited by consortium members.


9:00 Registration open

9:20 Welcome

Panel 1

9:30 Data-driven governance and resistance: the case of speed enforcement, Gavin J.D. Smith (ANU) & Pat O’Malley (ANU)

9:50 The Social Life of Performance Data: of audit trails and governing professionals, Paul Henman (UQ)

10:10 The politics of data storage in Singapore, Tanya Notley (UWS)

10:30 Big Data and the Visuality of Justice, Janet Chan (UNSW)

10:50  Panel Q & A

11:10 – 11:25  Morning Break 

Panel 2

11:30 Locating responsibility for data, Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW)

11:50 More than Social: The Social Life of Data and its more-than-human counterparts, Larissa Hjorth (RMIT), Ingrid Richardson (Murdoch University) and Yolande Strengers (RMIT)

12:10 Ethics, evidence and the smartphone in a digital world: challenges and solutions for managing data lifespan and access, Adrian G. Dyer, Jair E. Garcia, Detlef Rohr, Edgar Gomez Cruz, Marta Poblet Balcell (RMIT)

12:30 Conceptualising information fluency, Sora Park (UC)

12:50 Panel Q & A

13:10 – 13:55 Lunch Break

Panel 3

14:00 Photos should be made mandatory: risk and intimacy in social data cultures, Kath Albury (UNSW)

14:20 Vernacular Data Cultures in Mobile Dating and Hookup Apps, Jean Burgess (QUT)

14:40 Dating and Hook-up Apps and the Circumvention of Location, Rowan Wilken (RMIT)

13:00 Time to get tricky? The promises and pitfalls of data obfuscation, Neil Selwyn (MU) & Luci Pangrazio (DU)

15:20 Panel Q & A

15:40 – 15: 50 Afternoon Break

Panel 4

15:50 Shifting perspectives: Learning from or knowing with personal data? Vaike Fors (Halmstad University, Sweden)

16:10 From parents to nudges: reflections on smart authorities, Martin Berg (Malmö University, Sweden)

16:30 Data Publics: Extracting Social Value from Facebook Page Data, Anthony McCosker (SUT)

16:50 Big Data and the Future of Audience Research, Adrian Athique (UQ)

17:10 Panel Q & A

17:30 Close

Image Credit: Deb Verhoeven and Stuart Palmer

We investigate how people experience the digital in everyday life, By researching from the ground up we bring fresh insight to a constantly changing world. The Digital Ethnography Research Centre DERC focuses on understanding a contemporary world where digital and mobile technologies are increasingly inextricable from the environments and relationships in which everyday life plays out. DERC excels in both academic scholarship and in our applied work with external partners from industry and other sectors.
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